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    Brenda Huynh

    Great question, Matthew! I wondered the same but didn’t want to bring it up so that NCARB would not make the new testing format any worst than it already is, with scratch paper being the biggest of their concerns. I figured last month when they introduced the requirement of a 360 degree webcam, it finally crossed their minds it may be necessary to see candidates screens during remote testing.. otherwise, what prevents someone from having all of their notes on the screen if only their faces are being watched? Hopefully, team NCARB chimes in and answers your question.

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    Hey Matthew and Brenda,

    Good questions! The Prometric ProProctor software actually locks down your computer so you are unable to run any other applications while the software is running. This prevents a tester from taking screenshots or using a recording application during the exam. 

    Also, during the check-in process, you will be asked to show your entire workspace to the check-in agent via your external webcam to ensure there are no additional cameras or electronic devices capable of recording within the space. 

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