CE - "partial" building occupancy



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    David Kaplan

    The Owner can do this if the Authority of Jurisdiction approves it.  This usually requires either a Partial Certificate of Occupancy or a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.  It usually requires that the space that is to be occupied is done enough to the satisfaction of life safety inspectors (sprinkler system activated, fire alarm working, etc.) and is separate from construction areas so that in the event that a person in an occupied area needs to get out of the building, they do not have to do so by traveling through spaces under construction.  I just dealt with this in a project in Ohio.

    It comes down to getting the proper approvals from the AHJ.  

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    Paul Carson

    BOOM! Now it is coming back to me a bit, as I have found that assuming leaves my mind blurry.  Thank you for the clarity, I will keep a further eye open for this type topic in the AHPP.  Well done David!

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