Fire Walls vs Fire Barrier: What triggers one over the other?



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    Kyle Mastalinski

    The main clue in the question is that there are two buildings separated by a party wall. A party wall can only be a fire wall - see 706.1.1.  Fire walls are typically used to separate buildings on lot lines (party wall) or to create separate buildings for determining allowable area. Fire barriers typically separate occupancy classifications, exits, and shafts. If the question asked for a separation between E and B occupancies in a building, you would refer to Table 508.4 for the rating and 508.4.4.1 tells you that the wall between the separated occupancies would be constructed as a fire barrier. Fire barriers would not need to extend above a roof, like the wall in the question.

    Offices cannot be an incidental use. Incidental uses are typically a higher hazard use located within an occupancy, they are listed in Table 509. An office use could possibly be an accessory use to an educational occupancy. In this question, it specifically says adjacent high school and office buildings, so accessory uses do not apply.



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    Joseph Petrarca

    Thanks for that.

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