Failed my PA test



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    Mark Baker


    First. 60 days. If you purchase a new test credit today and search for "available testing dates within 3 months" The site should limit your availability to schedule to 60 days from your date of failed test.  You will not get any notice about when you are re eleigible, or any specified date from NCARB or Prometric, so do not wait up for that.

    Second, people say you can request a sort of transcript of the failed exam.  I know nothing about this, nor why this would be useful?  There are other posts on this forum about this subject.

    Third, .5 ROUNDS UP! I have said on this forum before ALWAYS ROUND UP! haha. 

    Lastly, You will never know if the software counts your answer as wrong or right.  The only way to know you selected the right answer is to KNOW YOU SELECTED THE CORRECT ANSWER.  Which I know is easier said than done. 

    I wish you the best on your retry.

    Mark, Archizam

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    Sean Marshan

    Thanks Mark! 

    I was hoping to get a response from NCARB by now.

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