Recap of Important PA topics to carry into PPD



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    Alexander Gault

    Good luck Mark; after my Covid delay the test center had me anxious that I would forget everything but fear not its just like riding a bike, once the questions start coming you get in the zone. Trust your prep work and that you are qualified / ready to be there. 

    -Foundation work: caissons are drilled then filled with concrete, piles are brought to site and driven in. Mini helical piles are smaller versions that are less disruptive to install. If can't afford deep foundations but soil not suitable for shallow; you can improve the soil with pressure injected grout or rammed aggregate piers.

    -Always keep water away from the building; gutters, drains and downspouts discharge water to a downhill slope. Create a damp-proof or waterproof layers at the basement wall. Gravel will relieve hydro-static pressure and sump-pumps can get rid of the remaining water.

    -The superfund program by the US EPA is designed to investigate and clean up sites contaminated with hazardous substances. To fix brownfields you can A) soil cap; covers soil with asphalt, clay, concrete or membrane B) Bioremediate; microbes eat soil's contaminates C) Phytoremediation: plant roots suck up contamination - but be sure these plants are discarded after the toxic waste gets absorbed D) Soil washing; soil cleaned with water and detergents.

    -Slopes 0%-4% suitable for most types of activity, easy to build on. 4%-10% Ok for informal movement, can be built on. Over 10% difficult movement, difficult to build on. Over 25% subject to erosion, expensive to build on. Specific slopes; Drainage ideal @ 4%, grass recreation @2-3%, paved parking ideal @2.5% but less than 5%, roads @8% slope max, landscape never above 50% or angle of repose.

    -Land uses; right of way: e.g. a shared driveway. Easement: eg. linear strip of land used for a powerline. Eminent domain: e.g. government forces you to sell your land for a highway project. Step-back: upper floors have smaller footprint to allow light to reach the street. Setback: can't built too close to property line.

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    Mark Baker

    Hello everyone!  Thank you ALEX!

    Happy to report I PASSED and have completed my Architecture Registration Exams!

    Some major points that I have not read on this forum I want to point out:

    1. Spend less time hyper focusing on a subject, and more time understanding the broader concepts of the subject.  I believe this will help you go CONFIDENTLY into the test, feeling that you can handle any question thrown at you, rather than knowing the exact formula of how to calculate the sound transmission through hyperspace.

    2. A LOT of the stuff you study may not come up on your exam.  I would again suggest pointing your attention to the topics you feel like you know the least about and broadening your knowledge on those and relaxing on the things you know.  For example, I read every resource about SITE DESIGN twice to the point where I thought to myself "I can't possibly absorb anything more about site design and if I read site design one more time I will be wasting time I could be learning other things"

    3. I honestly recommend the Ballast ARE 5.0 Handbook.  For me - it was the clearest and most concise reference book, and going through it a couple of times really helped me take in what I needed to know about certain subjects.

    4. I do not recommend spending the money for more than one month of Pluralsight.  That guy could put ANYONE to sleep.  And it's a lot of general information about the exam where he basically leaves you without any hard facts on how to solve things, or what to actually know.

    5. STUDY GROUPS! are amazingly helpful to bounce thoughts and ideas and questions and resources off each other.  I studied with 6 people that all helped show me resource, find answers, and solve problems.  It was so valuable and I thank every one of them!

    6. TAKE THE EXAMS! worst case, you do not pass, and you get a feel for what you need to know, and you focus your studying.  I CAN NOT encourage people enough to JUST TAKE THE EXAMS!  (when you feel ready of course).

    My best to everyone,

    Mark, Archizam


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    Nasheet Rumy

    Thank you ,Mark for this invaluable insight! 👏 congrats on completing the Exams.

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    Paulina Mancilla

    Congrats Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    liked the tips

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