supplementary conditions vis a vis masterformat specifications?



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    Gang Chen


    1. Bidding requirements is NOT part of the specifications, it is owner’s instructions to bidders. You can use A701–2018 Instructions to Bidders to modify and send out to all bidders.
    2. There are several versions of owner/contractor agreement, one of the commonly used one is: A101–2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor where the basis of payment is a Stipulated Sum
    3. You can use A503-2017/2019, Guide for Supplementary Conditions (for A201-2017, 2017 Owner-Contractor and 2019 CMc agreements) to modify and generate Supplementary Conditions

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    Jonathan Chertok

    hi GC thank you!

    i've been over this stuff a million times but i find it hard to actually MEMORIZE any of this.

    also is there  way to know what i am supposed to know for PDD. any suggestions? i should memorize the construction related categories in the project manual 02 - 20 or 02 - 29 i think? what else?

    ALSO when i hear the term "SUPPLEMENTARY CONDITIONS" where do these go? you seem to say the Bidding Requirements all go in a separate AIA Contract? some aspects of bidding go in Division 00 Procurement and Contracting Requirements don't they?

    i know AIA contract A201 is the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT FOR CONSTRUCTION which sets out various legal stuff but it also references the specifications doesn't it? 

    ALSO is there a way to understand what goes in 

    Division 00 Procurement and Contracting Requirements? or

    Division 01 General Requirements? or 

    PART 1 vs Part 2 vs Part 3 of the Specifications?

    for instance - /general/ GREEN BUILDING stuff goes in Division 00 Procurement and Contracting Requirements i believe. but /specific/ green building requirements as they relate to a specific material goes in Part 1 in a specific material specification.


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