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    Enes Libohova (Edited )

    Hi Suresh, 

    I went down pretty much a similar path. I reside in NYS, hold a foreign Architectural degree and recently passed all my exams - I am now awaiting evaluation from the NYS Board of Education. Here are the takeaways of my experience:

    - NYS does not require a NAAB accredited degree for initial licensure, while NJ does. This means that if you want to get licensed in NJ you will need to go through EESA.

    - If you can set NYS as your initial licensure state you will have to fill Form 1 (to 'enroll' with the Board) and Form 2, which is required if you hold a foreign degree. This form has to be filled by your school and sent BY your school in a sealed envelope along with all the required transcripts.

    - NYS does not charge for this evaluation but keep in mind that this is ONLY valid for NYS. Each state's board have their requirements and they run their own Education evaluation, unless it's provided by NCARB.

    - To get licensed in NJ you HAVE TO go through EESA (via NCARB). Your degree will be evaluated and you might be asked to take additional University exams to compare your degree with a NAAB accredited degree (which is what NJ requires). Once you do so, you will be awarded a NAAB degree and you will be able to get NCARB certified. 

    - NYS is one of few exceptions because it does not require a NAAB degree, therefore you can have them evaluate your education directly. If I were you I would try to get licensed in NYS first and then apply for EESA once you can spend the money. As per my understanding, you can also do both concurrently.

    To quickly answer your questions:

    1. Not sure about NJ, but in NYS you can get eligibility to sit for ARE without an EESA. You will submit From 1, Form 2 and Form 4 to the state and they will make a determination on your eligibility. 

    2. See above points. NJ does not care about your NY license. NJ requires NAAB accredited degree therefore you will have to go through EESA regardless. NCARB is just the mediator between you and the state. 

    3. Afaik exam location does not have anything to do with the state you are trying to get licensed in. Exams are proctored nationally. I took some exams in NJ myself due to seats unavailability in NY during Covid.

    4. Again, AREs are national exams - same throughout the country. Only in California you will be required to take an extra exam. 

    5. See above.


    Hopefully I cleared some of your questions. I know it's not an easy and clear process. Let me know if you have more questions - Good luck with everything!

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