New Architecture Exam study resource



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    Ashley Biren

    Thank you! What a great initiative :)

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    Mark Baker


    All honesty, I wanted to let you all know that I took the PPD exam last week and unfortunately did not pass.

    In the past year, my family grew by one little boy, and the pandemic threw me for a 6 month delay.  Excuses aside.

    I know what it is I need to go more in depth into - and the benefit is - I will be taking that into the website and study questions we present.  Spoiler - I was weak on the site planning information, and my case study threw everything plus the kitchen sink at me and overwhelmed me.

    Funny too, because in my current professional space, site planning, zoning, and codes is 75% of my tasks.

    PPD is my last exam to pass, and therefor I now have 6 weeks to dedicate solely to creating and crafting questions and study examples specifically for YOU @ Archizam

    I will let you all know how it goes when the time comes.  But I know I will pass.

    Best wishes!


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    Suchitra Van

    I have not heard anybody passing PPD recently. Something is fundamentally wrong with the exam or there is a bug in it. Right here is a petition idea.

    I am dealing with two kids and a wife at home due to COVID, in addition to a half-finished renovated apartment so I can understand not having time and space to study.

    I only have PPD to pass and failed it 3 times, and I am dumbfounded how these questions are easy but they have that gotcha tactic. Gd luck, and thanks - will try your quizzes.

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