Design Assist Contracting: requirement to owner's schedule/scope/budget planning?


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    Paul Carson

    Hello Minquan Wang ~

    This is good question, thanks in advance for the post!

    Forgive me, for I have not yet found the most accurate answer in the AHPP; however, my understanding is based on the key words "assist", and "early"; for the owner has a complex project, and hiring a CM, PM, and/or possibly other consultants on "early" to help with understanding of the Scope/Budget/Schedule of the project as it develops from SD to CD phase.  This would probably end up costing the owner more in design contract fees; however, it would benefit the owner from attempting to make such tough decisions alone with his/her architect, especially since he/she is unclear of the S/B/S, etc. early on, and would rely on those design/construction consultants to procure those aspects and share them with the owner as they develop (hence, educating an uneducated owner).

    REFERENCE: The results of a DA method: “Project owners can have more confidence in estimated costs,” says Turner Construction’s Kurt Smith. “Real-time cost feedback occurs throughout design and construction phases.”

    AND, here is an article I also found online, so I do advise you to use good judgment when reading it.  Good luck, hope this helps!

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