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    Elif Bayram (Edited )

    Hi Artem,

    I will try to answer these questions, hope it helps.

    A17_ Look at the image on the bottom right (will call it Option D), it is the only wall that is self supporting but not carrying any other loads than itself. I believe it is the answer. It sits on the ground, transfers its own weight to the ground and carries its own load but is not part of main structural system. Option A (top left) and Option C  ( bottom left ), the walls are carried by main structure, they look like some sort of curtain wall system, which are not sitting on the ground but hung to the main structure therefore carried by that. They are non-load bearing but also not self supporting as the question asks. And Option B is a load bearing wall because if you pay attention, the second floor slab is sitting on it. It means it is bearing another load (the slab) in addition to supporting itself.

    A29 _Answer is Design Fees i guess because all of the other are par of life-cycle cost. From what I understand, life cycle cost is the money that you spend on a product from beginning of its life to end and even what you can salvage once it finished its useful life. The design fee of it is something you will spend no matter what and is not part of the product itself, cannot be salvaged.

    A40_B,C,E. Since the question is talking about the overlooked effect of summer sun, all answer should be somewhat related to sun, hence the color of the roof and the time of the day are 2 of the correct answers. The lighter roof color will reflect the light back reducing the heat gain on the roof and depending on the time of the day the sun's heating effect will be different.  Also the formula of the heat gain is given and it involves the U value which is directly related to the mass of the roof. 

    A41_This is a tricky one, you need to make sure that you pay attention the word "fixture or equipment". I checked and looks like the answers are Sterilizers and Refrigerator but I don't have a better explanation to this one.

    Elif Bayram


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