Why is there no transition period from ARE 5.0 to ARE 5.1/Online Proctoring?



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    Michael Riscica (Edited )

    Great points Lara.

    On top of your very legitimate concerns, I'm also worried about the transition from Prometric to PSI in one year and all the things that could go wrong during that massive change. 

    I'm not convinced Prometric is 100% responsible for all of the issues that NCARB claims. Worried about how this situation will transition to a brand new testing provider.   

    Why is NCARB troubling themselves implementing all this stuff right now with Prometric, if they are terminating their relationship with them?

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    Lara Moock

    Thanks Micheal! You are right, I didn't even mention anything about the switch from Prometric to PSI in summer of 2021, but that is also going to be a major concern. By the time we finally get acclimated to all the changes in ARE 5.1, then they will switch providers on us...way to much change in such a short time frame.

    I want to trust NCARB and go along with all these changes, and I hope it's all a smooth transition and a great success, but it's really hard to get behind them with the way everything has been handled. I wish they would be more transparent about some of the decisions made, many changes don't seem well thought out. Why are they certain that we won't have the same technical issues with PSI? When they decided to remove scratch paper, they claim it's recommended by "testing experts", but do these experts have any sort of architectural background? I think that's also important to consider, these major decisions need multiple perspectives. Since the dawn of time architects have used paper to solve problems, it doesn't really make sense to remove an essential tool to our profession and way of thinking just to satisfy the recommendation from testing experts. It doesn't seem like it was carefully thought out at all. I could go on and on...

    But like you said in your video, all I can do for now is keep studying and try my best to not be too distracted and anxious about it all..

    Let's see how the new demo exam turns out which should include the digital whiteboard. That will set the tone of what's to come.



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