A new architect using the instruments of services



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    Paul Carson

    Dylan ~

    This is a great question, and I personally feel that I do not have the 'testing' experience to properly answer; however, in real life (if you care to hear)?, I simply contact the previous Architect-A on behalf of my firm/client, to ask his/her company policy/protocol as to how I can ascertain the CAD files and/or survey.  Only once has Arch-A told me that they were not fully paid up; yet said it had been over 6-years, and since the owner/my new client was not the same client to Arch-A, Arch-A simply forwarded me the files as an industry courtesy.


    Now, I do look forward to hearing other's reply, again great question!!!

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    Rebekka O'Melia

    After construction is complete and architect A has been paid the contract is over. Architect A would have no way of knowing if the plans perfectly match what was built or is existing, so should not grant the use of the drawings. Realistically architect B would have to measure the existing conditions, and draw up that area or areas that will be impacted or are adjacent to the addition. Architect B could not use or rely upon architect A’s drawings for that. Hope that helps!

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