Forum posts deleted?



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    Nick NCARB (Edited )

    Hey Caitlin,

    Good question! See the post lifespan section of the Community Guidelines.

    A post or thread will remain on the Community for one year from the creation date if there is no recent activity or two years from the creation date if there is recent activity. 

    This is a policy to ensure that only the most recent and accurate ARE information is available to community members. Many of the older posts contain outdated or incorrect information. 


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    Caitlin Torrance

    Thanks for the quick response! It's a shame that stuff gets deleted regularly and after a relatively short amount of time. I always take into account the date something was posted/published when I do research so it never occurred to me that older posts might be removed just because of age and regardless of the content.

    From now on I'll make sure to save any good info I find as more than just a bookmarked link if it's from 2019. Thank you for letting me know! I missed that part of the Guidelines.

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    Michael Riscica

    I agree with Caitlin. 

    Deleting posts older then 1 year is like saying:

    "throw away all your ARE 4.0 study materials and text books. They will be useless for ARE 5.0"

    That's just not true. 

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