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    Mark Baker

    (UPDATE) Hey Everyone!

    I wanted to let everyone on here know that I PASSED!  FIRST ATTEMPT!

    And I am certain that it is because of all the studying and in depth reading / researching myself and my coworker Ben have done at 

    I think that one of the great benefits of studying and creating the site with my coworker is having the input from another person studying the same material in his own different way.  Then we combine our knowledge from different viewpoints and understandings to create, what we feel, is a really excellent study resource.  He fills in the gaps of my learning, and with my 10 years of architecture practice experience, fill in the parts that he does not know or quite understand.

    Again, we are working to create a thorough and useful study site for everyone. There will always be free content and practice exams, and eventually way more in depth stuff we charge for so you take seriously.

    Also - there is a CONTACT US directly on our page for any questions, comments, corrections, or discussion.  We are here to help you pass, so please use us as a resource for your success.

    Best wishes!

    Mark and Ben

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