Third try and Fail...



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    Elizabeth Meyer

    Hello Sally,

    Did you take any practice tests? From the context, it sounds like this is the first division you tackled? If that is the case, I recommend incorporating practice exams to your study schedule. I have found Designer Hacks and ArchiPrep helpful tools in exam preparation with one caveat: don't waste time memorizing answers to questions as you will not likely see questions verbatim to the exam. I gained confidence through practice exams and exercised my mind to logically attack questions. 

    I found studying PPI Flashcards were adequate preparation for the material covered for the PA Exam. 

    Also, take time to review resources from NCARB like the resources matrix, handbook, and guidelines. There are sample questions and videos on how to solve here.

    Everyone's journey is different. I, for example, transitioned from 4.0, and PA was my first exam in 5.0. It's easy to be tempted to compare your path to others. You are winning just by attempting the exams, and I'm sure you learn something each time.

    If you're looking for encouragement, I wrote my Top Ten Tips for Professional Exams here: 

    I hope one of these recommendations is relevant and helps.

    Best, Liz

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    David Kaplan


    I too would recommend switching from third-party study guides to the resources identified in the NCARB Handbook.  When I first took these tests that was the tip that most stood out to me on this forum, and it worked for me.  

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    Alana Davidson

    If misery loves company I am in the same exact boat. I really felt prepared and I honestly thought I at least did well enough to pass.

    I’m frustrated too...I’m going to move on to the next and see if I can get some passes. 

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