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    David Kaplan

    100% yes, you should bet on it.  

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    Aleksandar Stojkovic

    Thanks David for your quick reply.

    Determining the allowable Building Height and the Allowable Number of Stories is straight-forward (if you know the occupancy, and construction type, it's just a matter of inferring from the Table 504.3 or Table 504.4)

    Determining the Frontage Increase seems to not be that tricky either (just involves a lot of "footwork" for the exam; considering that one should not spend more than 2 minutes on average per question)

    Do you know by any chance what's meant by the exception in the IBC under Section 506.3.2 and why is that listed there (seems to be out of place considering that this section is not about "Unlimited Area Buildings" ) ?

    "Exception: Where a building meets the requirements of Section 507, as applicable, except for compliance with the minimum 60-foot public way or yard requirement, and the value of W is greater than 30 feet, the value of W shall not exceed 60 feet"

    My understanding is that W(s) used to determine the weighted average are maximum 30 (so that later when one uses Equation 5-5, he / she would always get a ratio smaller than 1).

    Which means that maximum allowable area conceivable is At and NS times 3 (unless Construction Type 1 is applicable, in which case non of this applies). The If factor can only make NS smaller in the Equation 5-2.


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