3rd fail...meh, over it.



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    Laura Tietjen

    Thanks for this post.  I relate to it on so many levels.  I have failed so many times.  I am on the 5.0 5 test track.  I have passed every one (with many fails in between) and have not been able to pass PDD. I have failed it 6 times and every time, I study whatever I think I did poorly on and then when I retake the test, nothing I studied for is on the test.  I feel defeated but Ive put too much effort and money to give up at this point.  I am really hoping to pass it this next round or I might have to quit as well.  I have been practicing residential design for sometime and I am very familiar with the IRC.... unfortunately, most the questions are IBC related and geared toward the commercial realm.   Best wishes to your next phase of Life...hopefully not getting dragged down with studying materials and taking tests. 

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    Sean Dorsy

    I can not upvote this post enough and sad to see it has received a single downvote. There is an expansive disconnect between academia, the profession, organizations, and other built-environment collaborators. School teaches us such a limited scope and throws us into IDP/AXP for firms to then undervalue. We have to learn drawing and management principals on the fly, while being tasked at the direction of a firm. Often times, it is hard to establish adequate hours to align with IDP/AXP and many have to jump between firms to finish a checklist. This hinders vertical growth. Even then, IDP/AXP only prioritizes tasks that make us good little soldiers to employers and does not set us on the path for independent practice. As a young unlicensed professional, wouldn't it be great to have a better understanding of contracts, budgeting, firm (not project) management, negotiation, etc.? As a profession, we are undervalued to our clients because we undervalue ourselves. We will end our careers the same way we entered the profession... over-worked and underpaid... because we were brainwashed that this is the way it is. The school-to-licensure pipeline needs to be integrated, shortened/accessible, and embraced by mentors and leaders. Even for the smartest and best of us, as it is now, our success is a gamble between many factors that are out of our control. I have yet to mention the ARE's and how in many ways it is more of a hindrance than a benefit. Everything about this process is ridiculous.

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    Jonathan Chertok

    brandon, are you still around? i would like to touch base with you! REGARDS, jonathan

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