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    David Kaplan

    Yes, your last sentence is correct.  it is important that you know what the responsibilites are PER THE AIA CONTRACTS, because that's what the test will cover.  The question you get about this on the exam would likely start with, "Per A201,........"  

    The Architect prepares and issues the Change Order.  A contractor in essence makes the case for one when something comes up in field that warrants such a change.  If all parties agree that a change order is indeed warranted per that situation, the architect prepares and issues it.  

    With these contract questions, try to separate yourself from what you've experienced in the working world, which may very well be different, and instead know what the AIA contracts say.  You won't go wrong.  I've been working for 16 years and with the exception of some state projects, I haven't ever prepared the Change Orders.  It's just how it shakes out sometimes.

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    Andrew Kim

    To add on to David's sound reasoning and advice, Clause 3.2.4 doesn't refer to Change Orders. It's a situation where the Contractor feels that he's been wronged because the time and money spent to clarify something the Architect didn't make clear in the first place SHOULD be a Change Order. Change Orders imply the agreement of all 3 parties but in this case, it's just the Contractor arguing that he should be receiving more money and/or time. So in such an instance, the Contractor "shall submit Claims as provided in Article 15." Article 15 is Claims & Disputes, not Change Orders, which are covered in Article 7: Changes in the Work.

    Also, another place in the A201 which states explicitly that Change Orders are to be prepared by the Architect is 4.2.8: "The Architect will prepare Change Orders and Construction Change Directives, and may..."

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