AHPP - Section 9.2 - Term “USD 443”



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    Jennisse Schule

    Hi Irene,

    The term 'USD 443' is a fictional (or real?) name of an architecture firm.  It is only used in that sample of the listing of Construction Management Services on those two pages in the AHPP.  11 times to be exact.  It does not reoccur any place else in AHPP.  They could have just used 'Architecture Firm 123'.  Jennisse

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    Irene Lucia Fajardo

    Thank you, all of the sudden it was confusing and I was trying to figure out if it was a code or classification for a type of AE group.

    Best - Irene

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    Kun Liu

    Hi Jennisse and Irene,

    It is hard to guess without a defination, but from the page AHPP page 523:

    "Owner purchasing. Work with USD 443 to incorporate, where possible and appropriate, to aggregate cost with other USD 443 projects and assist and advise the owner regarding owner-purchased items."

    Seems like USD443 is the owner.

    Just googled the USD443, and maybe it is Dodge City Unified School District 443(USD443).

    It will be much better if there is a definition in the book.



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