Which practice exam do you think is the most similar to the actual Practice Management exam, please?



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    Thien Nguyen

    Hey Thara,

    I passed this test on my first attempt two weeks ago so here's my take. 

    1. If you mean similarly covered contents and questions then I don't know. Every product has its pros and cons, and you might respond better to one over the other. My only advice here is to use more than one source if possible.   

    2. If you mean test structure, Black Spectacles is the best here. You're against three things while testing, the questions/content, time, and test form. BS mimics the exact format and interface like the real test, and helped me to solidify a strategy so I could focused solely on the questions.  

    Pros: different questions types with case studies, timed so you can practice pacing and developing your own strategy, tools and resources available on the test as part of the interface (the whole test should be used as a reference in and of itself) 

    Cons: quality of the questions are questionable, the tests introduce new materials (pro if it's used as a study material), expensive but it's truly BS's most valuable asset 

    Good luck! 

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    Thara Messeroux

    Thien, congratulations on passing your PcM exam on the first try!! I know it's a very tough exam! 

    And thank you for taking the time to explain your advice :) !

    Good Luck moving forward!

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    Sally Nguyen

    Hi Thara,

    I'm not sure how useful you'll find this post as you mentioned that your PcM exam was coming up soon. But in terms of a practice exam that is similar to the actual exam, I agree with Thien that Black Spectacles will be your best bet. The format and interface is close to the actual thing. 

    An alternative, more affordable practice exam you may want to look into is the one from Hyperfine Architecture. While the practice exam isn't computer based like Black Spectacles and has only one variation, I have to say the one from Hyperfine Architecture is a close second. When I studied for my second attempt at PcM, this practice exam reminded me a lot of the actual exam. 

    Best of luck on your exam!

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