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    Paul Carson

    Oh my dear Jacob, I so feel your pain.  First, I don't have answers, mere thoughts, as follows:

    Yes, it should be "The Contractor should do which of the following?"

    AND, 2,3 & 4  are all definite answers; however, I was under the impression that ARCH should never "instruct" the GC. Or, so, since these questions are always provided with minimal information; you should assume that the owner has already given ARCH permission to "instruct" GC to stop work?  The only people/entities who can "stop the Work", are:

    1./building official: because of national emergency, non-compliance with codes, etc.

    2./owner: if GC is failing to comply with codes, installing hazardous materials or dangerous construction methods, or building is in "non-conformance" with the Contract Documents.

    In all, don't stress about the "semantics" in wording, trust your gut and move on.  So I would say this question would be correct in all 5-answers, so long as you replace "contractor" with "ARCH".  Hope this helps.  And feel free to chime in on my frustrated question to follow.

    3./ ARCH can NEVER "Stop work".

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    Paul Carson (Edited )

    I am positive that this is just a "rant" from me today; however, sometimes the ONLY way to absorb the idiocracies of these exams, is to complain online to see if anyone has a calming solution for "trick" questions.  Of which, NCARB claims they are not asking such tricks, as follows:

    In my eyes, I thought I nailed this question; turns out, I needed to MEMORIZE the chapter # in answer (3), because Chapter 11A is "housing" and NOT STAIR DESIGN.  Are you kidding me??? Tell me this is a trick question? They have an index in almost every book I have read, over 300; so why would NCARB make us memorize Chapter #'s???  So futile and childish!!!

    Does anyone have a calming solution for me, so I can continue learning "proper" architecture???

    BTW, the answer is 1 & 4.


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