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    Francia Flores

    It depends. Per IBC’s chapter 3: 303.1.2 if the room is less than 750 SF or less than 50 persons it can be B Business not A Assembly.

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    David Kaplan (Edited )

    Be careful here.  While it is true that if a room is less than 750 SF or with less than 50 people, the Use Group occupancy can be B instead of A for the building or space that you're designing, when it comes to determining occupant load, that's a different story.  Occupant load is based on the use and function of the space, so you have to go to Table 1004.1.2.  If you look at that table, the left heading says "function of space."   With the room still being a conference room, you still would need to calculate the occupant load based on tables and chairs, or chair only, etc. as listed in that table.  

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    Joseph Petrarca

    I don't think the ARE would get that tricky. If the "zoning" calls for so many places per office in the morning building... They are not looking for conference rooms, work rooms, or anything else that is not specifically labelled OFFICE. a typical conference room would never be classified as Assembly in normal circumstances.. worst case it would be and Accessory Use Area it it were under ten percent of the gross floor area and had less than fifty people.

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