Albedo Confusion


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    Alexander Gault

    I'll give my perspective on Albedo but try not to take Ballast as gospel, their questions are proven to frustrate.

    To remember I just commit to memory Snow = High albedo, Asphalt = low albedo then think about what they are asking.

    What is preferred depends on the specific situation. Roofs in hot climates (Greece, Bermuda) are always white to reflect light / heat / thermal energy. So you want high albedo. In a cold climate you want to absorb heat so you chose dark colored surfaces (low albedo).

    Heat island effect is caused when dark colors absorb light. These objects (usually concrete / asphalt in a city) absorb heat and convert it to thermal energy and emits it back out as heat. I would chose a High albedo material

    Grass is low albedo, however Green roofs harness the evaporative cooling effect. Plants take in water through their roots then when done with it, dry air absorbs that water by turning it into vapor.

    Hope this helps, again Ballast may have a weird keyword or something seems off with the wording.

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