Fundamentals of building construction 6th vs.5th edition


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    Brandon Estes (Edited )

    I would not give it a second thought.  I am using the 4th ed. of Fundamentals, accompanied by a copy of Olin's Construction.  The general content within any text book does not fundamentally change.  The author/publisher might reorganize some chapters and sections so they can brand/sell the latest edition for a premium price, but the content of the book is virtually the same.  Look at it from this perspective: how much have construction materials and methods changed between the 5th and 6th eds of Fundamentals?  Probably not at all.

    It's all the same rubbish, just repackaged to appear as though is different.  ARE 5.0 is the same rubbish as 4.0 and 3.0 and going back and back, just repackaged and wrapped up in a pretty bow to make it appear new and shiny, and to convince you and me that it's all "new" and "different" and "keeping up with industry trends." 

    The fact is it's all the same rubbish, just reorganized with a different cover, shuffled words, or graphics.  Save your $$ and stick with the 5th ed.  Of note: NCARB will no doubt recommend the latest edition.  Do you think the publisher of most of the books recommended by NCARB (Wiley) gives kick-backs to the NCARB board?  Of course!  It's all one big cluster, and everybody's hands are in everybody else's pockets.

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