ARE exam ended 10 minutes prematurely!


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    Nick NCARB

    Hey Benjamin,

    It sounds like you potentially had a technical issue with your exam. The pop-up message should not appear until all time within the testing window is gone. Once the pop-up warning appears, the clock begins counting down for the next section of the exam (closeout screens). This time will display before proceeding to the closing screens assuming your time is up for answering questions.

    I recommend contacting NCARB Customer Service and reporting the technical issue as soon as possible. 

    Regarding breaks, NCARB has extended the flexible break time for all divisions from 15 minutes to 25 minutes to account for longer check-in procedures at Prometric. Check out page 2 of the ARE 5.0 Guidelines for more information - This has no impact on the testing time provided for the question portion of the PA exam (3 hours 15 minutes).

    Hope this helps.


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