3rd party test prep questions (PPI2PASS)



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    Artem Melikyan

    I came across 3 more questions in 3rd party source (PPI2PASS) that I wanted to discuss:

    1. Not sure why in the question below "construction trades involved" is not a correct answer. I think its important to thin what subcontractor does what in that detail - it actually impacts how its put together. On the other hand, "material availability" is not a question to someone developing the detail and not at that point - this is not a constructability question, so i thought it does not apply. 


    2. In the question below "durability" to me is less critical aspect than "heat bridge" in moisture consideration. Heat bridge can lead to condensation - moisture in the assembly. Should it not be the right answer?


    3.  Can someone, please clarify about +100ft default elevation of the 1st floor. In my many years of practice we have always used 0ft elevation for the 1st floor.


    I would appreciate any help, thank you all.

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    Katie Merten

    I think your questions would best be directed to PPI, not NCARB. 

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    Artem Melikyan (Edited )


    Thank you for your meaningful answer. I agree with you on 3rd party materials. In the previous generation - ARE 4.0 the 3rd party mock-up tests were more representative of the actual exam content than those materials developed for this generation (ARE 5.0). The questions above are from mock-ups and they do create certain confusion.  

    I understand your explanation of trades sequencing and how it is up to GC. My Project Architect always told me to keep sequencing in mind while drawing and to not "mix trades in details when possible" so that different subcontractors would not have to be simultaneously working on 1 assembly, but rather consecutively (one sub completes job then next one arrives). Not sure if it makes sense? I never fully understood or applied that concept so I will stick with your simple idea.

    Do you mind also taking a look at my question regarding ADA compliance of existing facilities here:



    Kate I agree,

    PPI takes forever to respond, but more importantly I wonder what NCARB would think on these issues as that's the line of thought to use on the exams.


    Thank you for help,

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