Fan Coil ( with air duct) vs. Chilled Beam



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    Rebekka O'Melia

    I was sad that nobody answered your question, so I’m going to try to tackle it. It’s a good question - shows you are understanding the different systems. The fan coil unit and a chilled beam are similar. A chilled beam doesn’t usually have a fan though. Since heat rises, and the chilled “beam” is in the ceiling, it works.
    This website is helpful.
    Also, all the examples of chilled beans that ive seen included lighting, and are a more elegant looking solution, although more $$ of course.
    Hope that helps! When are you taking your exam?

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    Yi Li

    Thanks for the reply! that was very helpful!

    I actually failed ppd two days ago. and have pdd coming up in a few weeks.. then ppd again in september for the third time.. how about you?

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