US licensed architects abroad (Europe)... possibilities?


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    Samantha Marihart

    Wow that's so cool! I'm thinking of going to Germany too :)


    From what I understand the US regulations for becoming an architect make you over qualified over in Europe, so in that form you would not be loosing your career roots granted you passed for US criteria and kept up with it. My experience so far and talking with some German friends is that our construction is very different and understanding US construction may be a little hard when you come back. For example we use a lot of steel stud, wood stud, precast walls and they more so do lots of poured concrete. Windows are totally different and your knowledge of codes would be different.

    An international firm would be a great idea, if you see yourself wanting to transfer to a US office later on possibly or want to take advantage of your English/Imperial skills. Truly, if you are there for a little while I would go with what excites you the most over everything else. When you relocate it may take you 6 months on the job to relearn American ways, but in the long term that's certainly worth it to have the experience of working in an entirely different country. 


    Best of luck!

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