What test should I take after CE?



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    Dan Jacques

    I'm going to link you to another post that deals with this exact issue. I'm following this plan the OP laid out and it's been successful so far. To summarize, the most efficient order to take these in for study overlap is PA -> PPD -> PDD -> CE. If you're using Ballast, you will also want to read the first few chapters of PDD for the PPD exam. Those two in particular have a ton of overlap and many people suggest studying for them at the same time. I was prepped for PPD when COVID-19 hit, so I'm planning to take this time to study for both PPD and PDD so that when the test centers reopen I can hit them both in rapid succession.


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    Sachin Daga


    My Recommendation: PA>PPD>PPD. The exams can be grouped in 2 sets. PA>PPD>PDD> CA and PcM>PjM. My guess the reason you took those three because those are smaller and relatively easier. (Congratulations BTW). A more logical way would be to take them in the end as the previous exams would build on next. think o it as a project Schematic Design> Design Development>Construction Drawing. 


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