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    David Montoya

    You are very close to getting it. Composites are typically materials that are can of “mixed up” for example Alucibond panels fit right here as you see that is one material in a whole assembly. Windows and glass do fall both on division 08 but in different sections. There is a section for aluminum windows and another section dedicated to glasss, even the glass in door panels. There is also a decorative glass section. I recommend you download the CSI index of sections to get a better understanding on what goes where.

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    Gang Chen (Edited )

    I have done specifications for many projects. Here is my experience:

    Each material will be at its own division, but will be referred to in the other section. For example, an aluminum window or storefront which comes pre-glazed in the factory, will be mentioned in the storefront division, but referred back to its own section:
    Glazing: As specified in Division 08 Section “Glazing”.

    See a portion of the Kawneer specifications and you’ll understand:

    1.1 “Storefront Framing System
    A. Storefront Entrance Framing:
    1. Trifab™ VG 450/451/451T or Trifab™ 451UT.
    2. Trifab™ 601/601T/601UT.
    3. Thermally Broken Entrance Framing - Kawneer IsoLock™ Thermal Break with a 1/4" (6.4 mm) separation consisting of a two-part chemically curing, high-density polyurethane, which is mechanically and adhesively joined to aluminum storefront sections.
        b. Thermal Break shall be designed in accordance with AAMA TIR-A8 and tested in accordance with AAMA 505.
    B. Non-Brackets and Reinforcements: Manufacturer's standard high-strength aluminum with nonstaining, nonferrous shims for aligning system components.
    C. Fasteners and Accessories: Manufacturer's standard corrosion-resistant, nonstaining, nonbleeding fasteners and accessories compatible with adjacent materials. Where exposed shall be stainless steel.
    D. Perimeter Anchors: When steel anchors are used, provide insulation between steel material and aluminum material to prevent galvanic action.
    E. Packing, Shipping, Handling and Unloading: Deliver materials in manufacturer's original, unopened, undamaged containers with identification labels intact.
    F. Storage and Protection: Store materials protected from exposure to harmful weather conditions. Handle storefront material and components to avoid damage. Protect storefront material against damage from elements, construction activities, and other hazards before, during and after storefront installation.

    1.2 Glazing
    A. Glazing: As specified in Division 08 Section “Glazing”.
    B. Glazing Gaskets: Manufacturer's standard compression types; replaceable, extruded EPDM rubber.
    C. Spacers and Setting Blocks: Manufacturer's standard elastomeric type.”

    You can see the complete specifications at the manufacturer’s website at this link:

    Gang Chen, Author, Architect, LEED AP BD+C (

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    Adelina Koleva

    Thank you so much Gang Chen! This exactly answers my question!!!

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