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    Scott Barber

    Hi Vida,

    I don't have any connection to or authority for Amber Book, but I'm a member of the ARE Facebook Group where Michael Riscica posted this earlier today. I don't have any further information, but this at least gives some relevant information for you:

    "I've been chatting with Michael Ermann over the past few days. Amber Book has decided to pause billing Amber Book Members until the Testing Center are reopened.

    He is making Amber Books free to use for their members.
    • If you are already an Amber Book Member, you don't need to do anything.
    • If you aren't an Amber Book Member, you can sign up using the discount code YASPECIAL2020 and it will give you the discounted rate. (no need for a group of six) You pay for the first month now and you won't be billed again until test centers reopen.
    • If you are a former member of the Amber Books, contact them and they will reactivate your account. Mention you learned about this from me.
    You can cancel your subscription at anytime, yes its okay to cancel before the testing centers reopen"
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    vidosava bijelic (Edited )

    Hi  Scott,


    That is a really nice gesture that I am sure all of the Amber Book users are very thankful for. Thank you so much for sharing this information with me and everyone else reading. 



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