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    David Kaplan


    I don't agree with that approach with only one "scale", and I think that if you were presented with a question on the ARE about how to avoid confusion during CD's with respect to dimensioning, the answer would instead be more in the realm of providing dimensions in only one place. 

    An example: say you have a exterior building corner that requires an enlarged plan detail.  If you plan on showing all the required dimensions necessary to explain this condition on the enlarged plan detail, then DON'T provide those same dimensions on the overall building floor plan.  Meaning, don't dimension the same thing twice.

    The risk you run in dimensioning the same condition twice is that, if something should change in that condition and you pick up the changes on one drawing but not the other, well now you have two conflicting drawings.  We as architects are supposed to of course catch these sorts of things and not let that happen, but despite our best efforts sometimes such errors can slip through.  I usually blame those errors on our interns....HA!  The point is we can minimize these instances by taking the one-place-only approach.

    Hope that helps.

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