Clarify Testing Throughout Construction Phase



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    I don't believe that is correct.  The owner is to pay. 

    AIA A201:

    If the Architect, Owner, or public authorities having jurisdiction determine that portions of the Work require additional testing, inspection, or approval not included under Section 13.4.1, the Architect will, upon written authorization from the Owner, instruct the Contractor to make arrangements for such additional testing, inspection, or approval, by an entity acceptable to the Owner, and the Contractor shall give timely notice to the Architect of when and where tests and inspections are to be made so that the Architect may be present for such procedures.  Such costs, except where provided in Section 13.4.3, shall be at the Owner’s expense.

    Section 13.4.3 is related to tests, inspections, and approval that “reveal failure of the portions of Work to comply with requirements established by the Contract Documents”.



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    Gang Chen


    You are correct. See A201, Section 13.4.


    You are referring to additional testing not included in the construction documents, not what Daniel is referring to.

    Gang Chen, Author, Architect, LEED AP BD+C (

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