Confused by Ballast retention pond question



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    Elif Bayram

    Hi Wen,

    You are right about detention and retention pond differences. Retention ponds are also called wet ponds which means they always have water in it. I agree with you about this answers are being ambiguous and confusing. But I guess if I had this question in the exam, I would go by eliminating the ones I know for sure and if I did so, B would be my "I am not sure but I guess so" choice. So as explanation told, A is definitely Bioswale, and D is definitely Infiltration basin and I have no idea about C but it also doesn't sound like retention pond because I never hear that function of retention ponds. So I would remain with a suspicious B. 

    I admit, this is not the way it should be, we should really learn this and don't have too much room for ambiguity in our knowledge to become registered architects however, tests in general have this defect built-in them. Most of the times, elimination comes handy and it is how you arrive the correct answer. This defect also makes tests unfair a lot of times cause people with a bit of knowledge but a very good judgement and assumption skills and with some luck pass exams while others who know way more than them fail. I honestly believe this is the reason why some people swear they passed PPD just studying 40 hours, etc. They got lucky and this built-in defect of testing itself worked for their benefit. BUT, they should not go around forums and tell people that only studying 40 hours or just reading Ballast is enough to pass. That is an inconsiderate mistake.

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    Thank you for answering the question! It’s a clever way to solve this question by eliminating “absolute no “answers. 

    Yes, I totally agree with you in terms of the ambiguity of questions. And I feel the same when you know more, it’s easier to make mistakes than pure guess sometimes. For me, I don’t feel studying 40 hr thing is the right thing. Also it should not make people feel stupid when they study more.

    Hope there is less ambiguous questions in the real exam. :)





















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