ASC- Boiler and Chiller



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    David Kaplan


    Sure, absolutely, that setup could definitely happen.  I've worked on several hotel buildings that had that very setup.  I think it depends mainly on the availability of roof space, the availability of interior space, visibility of the units from spaces that might not want to be seeing them, etc.  It's really on a case-by-case basis.  Yes, ideally, you'd want to put these units by each other, inside the building where no one can see them, and make sure they're acoustically isolated from the surrounding spaces as much as possible.  But as we all know, that might not be a possibility.  I think that the ARE will be clear though when they ask you a question as to where something should go, in that they will give you the criteria that you should consider when locating them.  

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    Michael Weber

    Fundamentally, yes. As an option, it would make sense that a boiler is in a basement. It requires a lot of energy to produce the heated water. So protecting that energy from the elements is desirable. It also makes sense as an option to put the chiller along on the roof since it is producing coolth.

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