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    Nathan Landreville (Edited )

    Lobbies are an acceptable form of egress, but not the sole egress route. Fire rating of the lobby is not necessarily a requirement and ultimately determined by occupancy type, construction type, and other building code factors.

    Take a look at the 2015 IBC, Chapter 10, Section 1016.2 which stipulates that "Exit access through an enclosed elevator lobby is permitted. Access to not less than one of the required exits shall be provided without travel through the enclosed elevator lobbies required by Section 3006. Where the path of exit access travel passes through an enclosed elevator lobby, the level of protection required for the enclosed elevator lobby is not required to be extended to the exit unless direct access to an exit is required by other sections of this code."

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    Jeffrey Adler

    Hi Nathaniel,


    Thank you that was very helpful! I will further review that section.


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