Only PcM and PjM left - looking for strategy suggestions?


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    Courtney Sluder

    The way I'd approach is setting up the material content like a Venn diagram. There will be topics that are more likely to only show up on one test (Pcm: financial calculations, PjM: schedules and material/grading calculations) however there is indeed a good amount of overlap.

    The main overlap is the contracts and project delivery methods, so if you learn those first then you can break out the other items and focus on those before each test. I took about two months between the two and I think there definitely could have been less time. Between 2 weeks and a month apart would probably be a good goal, but since you have already passed 4 tests you know your study habits best. It really just depends on how much you cover both topics before the first test, but I do think there is enough of a difference to leave some study time between. 

    I don't think there is a right/wrong one to start with. Good luck!

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