Trick for fire wall, vs fire barrier, vs partition


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    Jennifer Schuler

    Hi Alexander,

    Here are a few more notes based on what I've read in Building Codes Illustrated and Marty Huie videos:


    Fire Wall: Typically 4 or more stories, extends 30" beyond not 18 (according to BCI)

    Fire Barrier: Cannot create a 'tunnel' must extend to the underside of structure. In addition to exits and occupancy separations, it is also commonly used to separate shafts, kitchens, storage rooms depending on the level of hazard and uses combustible construction

    Fire Partition: Separates dwelling units, mall tenants, elevator lobbies. CAN create a tunnel and be made out of non-combustible construction ie wood

    I would also recommend reading up on smoke barriers, smoke partitions, fire detection hazards (A, B, C, D, K), strobe placement, etc. Building Codes Illustrated is a great resource for this. 

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