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    Nathan Landreville

    Everyone will be different in their study habits. Personally, I only studied 4 hours max for each test. However, I know other people that need 2-3 months of studying for each test. It also depends a lot on your experience level and general knowledge of the architectural profession.

    For study materials, I would suggest you start with the Ballast or Brightwood review manuals. The full list of materials that NCARB suggests for each test is at the end of the ARE 5.0 Handbook. You'll also see third-party services that people recommend on the forums for each test.

    Good luck!

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    Jian Huang

    Three of these following materials helped me a lot,

    • Young Architects' PjM, PcM and CE online courses are also helpful, they includes case studies which have similar format to real exams'.
    • Hyperfine study material
    • Designers Hackers


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