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    Nathan Landreville (Edited )

    The B101 is a contract between the Owner and Architect. The B201 is a scope of services document only and may not be used as a stand‐alone owner/architect agreement. You can use a B201 as an exhibit to a B101 in order to further define the architect's scope on a project.

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    John Ferguson

    The way I understand it, the B101 includes two halves of a whole agreement: the Terms/Conditions and the Scope of Services. The B201 is only the second half, Scope of Services and is meant to be paired with the B102 which is essentially the first half, Terms and conditions, of the B101. I think this done so that you can start with the Terms and Conditions, B102 and pair it with whichever scope of Services agreement you need for the project like B201 Basic Services, B202 Programming, and/or B203 Site Eval. etc. Go to AIACONTRACTS.ORG and you can pull up any of the AIA contracts, read their descriptions, and view a free preview of each contract.

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