What's the best way to solve project scheduling questions?



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    Pierre Antounian (Edited )

    I’m curious as well. Great question. Hope others can help!

    Allow me to elaborate:  I failed my most recent attempt at PcM due to getting at least 5 finance related questions that I felt were not covered in the AHPP.  The finance related questions seemed to air on the side of topics more prevalent to PjM ie: project staffing.

    I had what I thought was a firm grasp on the 7 KFI’s of a PL Statement and the 4 KFI’s of the BS.  I knew the formulas backwards and forwards.  
    Given that this attempt at PcM was my third attempt(fellow candidates, given a fear on the part of NCARB of overexposure to content, each failed exam of a single division is followed by a new form that is not incrementally but exponentially more nuanced and subjective), I received questions all throughout the exam that approached all the key concepts we are all familiar with from our studies, but did so in an incredibly nuanced way.  It really delved into the gray area of some of these concepts.  I was actually surprised that I was able to navigate 3/4 of the exam successfully. I received 2’s on everything except for Section 2 Finances Risk And Development, and clearly it was the Finance portion of that Section where my short comings were.  I am bringing this up because I find the original question stated above by the author of the post is DEAD on.  I think AHPP is an amazing resource, I spent about 80 hours reading the book almost cover to cover.  However I was disappointed in how poorly it prepared me for the type of math related questions that NCARB will throw at us.  

    Therefore, I truly hope those out there with insight can help.  Because let’s face it, we can learn about a cat with four legs all we want but as soon as NCARB gives us a situational question that involves a cat with 5 legs, good luck!  Therefore, for the sake of the author above and my own sake and undoubtedly the hundreds or thousands here who get the cutter when the pitcher had tipped his curve (notice I didn’t use fast ball because NCARB knows we’ll knock those out of the park) where do we turn?  

    VY, myself and thousands more look forward to all suggestions!  It would REALLY be appreciated!  

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    Pierre Antounian (Edited )

    WEARE Practice Exams and Hyperfine both seem to have good examples so far. Designer Hacks is good for general topics but not for schedules. I’m sure there are a lot more but so far these are the ones I have found.

    As I keep reading posts here on the community.  Ballast practice exams and practice problems seem to have some good questions as well.  

    Most of them seem to be coming strictly from third party sources.  I think AHPP explains the general concepts but I have not yet seen specific examples from AHPP.  

    Hope this helps.  
    I plan on adding Ballast to my already growing list, but I do recommend WEARE and Hyperfine.  

    I’d like to think the three mentioned plus Designer Hacks is plenty.  Lastly I would add Black Spectacles in there but based only on other posts I read.  Just in these alone, I think you can spend 2 weeks just strictly going over all these sources and use them to test your knowledge from what AHPP says and lastly Contracts.  

    My current list of Study Sources in summary:

    AHPP Reading All Key Sections from Narmour Wright.

    Shiff Hardin B101 A201 Lectures

    The actual contracts.

    Young Architects Academy for overview of content. - Videos for PjM and videos for Contracts.

    pluralsight - additional overview

    hyperfine- helps go over the key concepts and key scheduling and financial type math

    weare-more detailed and focused than designer hacks with good schedule type questions and overalk pjm questions

    Designer Hacks - so far seems too general but helps determine weaknesses 

    (Ballast if time permits)

    (Black Spec if time permits)

    i know this is a lot and i’m approaching it all with a grain of salt.  But I do find expanding outside of the AHPP is helpful to get a different view on the same concepts.

    I hope this helps.  

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