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    David Kaplan


    I think the struggle for you is that this is now way shape or form to scale.  But, it's a correct detail for where a curtain wall system would be attached to a floor slab of a building.  Typically, there are angles that connect the curtain wall to the edge of the floor slab.  Those angles are often provided by the curtain wall supplier as well.  

    The leg of the angle is either welded or bolted to the edge of the floor slab, and then the other leg is bolted to the mullions of the curtain wall system.  There very often is a 1" or 1-1/2" air gap between the edge of the slab and the interior face of the curtain wall system as well.  This allows for construction tolerances.  In the instance that the floor slab is all concrete, remember that concrete is not a "perfect" construction - in field, the location of that slab edge is not going to be a perfectly straight and plumb edge - it will vary over its length.  That air gap accounts for that.  Often times, us architects have to then develop a firestopping detail to close up that gap to prevent fire/smoke from spreading from one floor to another.

    I think the detail is showing two floor slabs, but not to scale.  Obviously, that floor-to-floor dimension would be much greater than that sketch shows.  It's conceptual only.

    Hope that helps.

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    Natalia Cebollero Venegas

    David, Thanks so much for your explanation. Really helped clarify. 

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