Characteristics Of Project Delivery Methodes AHPP Figure 9.2



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    Veronica Ruiz

    Hi Pierre!


    I recommend you to take a look at this doc:

    It really helped me to understand project delivery methods. I found really interesting that the article considers CM-adviser a form of project management and not a real project delivery method. It also explains that there are many definitions for the delivery methods and none of them is entirely right or entirely wrong... 

    To me the definitions for CM aviser and CM agent from Ballast and AHPP are confusing and even a little mixed up..

    Anyway, I concluded that the CM-adviser will just advise on the constructability of the design as it is developed but will not be the actual contractor. That's why the cost estimated won't be applicable... (although the adviser can help to provide estimates, they won't be 100% accurate).

    Regarding the multiple contracts, it probably refers to fast track. Fast track requires many contracts and a lot of coordination, so it is most commonly used when a CM is involved.


    Hope this helps!

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    Pierre Antounian


    Thank you very much.  Yes this is very helpful.  Much appreciated!


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