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    Peik Li Pang

    Congratulation, useful note, I am on my second trial. For PA, (4th one too) I was not prepared last time (studied 2 weeks), despite 2 weeks study only one decision that failed me. I really hope this time we be alright. Do you get any structural question?

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    Eric Dempsey

    Thanks for the post Audrey.  I'd agree with these 3 resources being essential for the PA exam.  

    1. Ballast

    2. Problem Seeking

    3. Site Planning and Design Handbook

    The Ballast guides and practice exams do a great job of summarizing the content from the many reference items listed in the ARE5 Handbook.  Another key aspect to the PA exam, is the amount of time.  It is a 3hr 15min test with 95 items.  That is apx 2 minutes per question.  The case studies take time so it's important to quickly burn through the questions so there is enough time at the end.  

    Looking back now that I've finished all 6 exams, the reference matrix does include a great reading list, and I enjoyed soaking it all up.  I wish I hadn't rushed through the studying so quickly.  The PA, PPD, PDD exams cover some interesting content.   

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