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    David Kaplan

    For PPD?  No.  That level of detail to me is for PDD.  PPD is Schematic/Design Development stage of design.  Think bigger picture design here for that test: not conduits vs. cables, but instead, what size service would be needed for the whole building?  Where might a transformer be located on the site?  Things like that.

    I would say as well, even for PDD, I don't know that you'll get into such nitty gritty for electrical work.  I don't recall being asked about cabling and conduit on that exam.  I would have general knowledge of it, yes.

    Hope that helps.

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    Yi Li

    Thanks David! you have been really helpful!

    so in terms of transformer location and types. this is how i understand.. 

    location- either outside, underground or inside by need ventilation - for fresh air as they tend to produce a lot of heat while working 

    and types - there are two types - step up and step down? it seems like thee are more specific type. but i guess those will be too specific for the scope of this exam?

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