Construction Communications Protocol - AHPP Figure 10.27 - RFI’s


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    Christopher Boucher (Edited )

    Hi Pierre, I looked at that figure and I wish I looked at it prior to my first PcM attempt! 


    The Owner retains a commercial kitchen design consultant. He lays out all the equipment for the architect. He submits his drawings to the architect and gives the layout to his Electrical engineer to do the plug layout and do the panel schedules. The Owner's kitchen consultant then changes one of the specs of a gas oven to an electric oven because they discontinued that model. The electrical SUBcontractor hired by the consultant reads the equipment schedule and spec and notices there's an electric oven, however, there's no plug proposed for that unit on the electrical plan. The electrical subcontractor has to tell the contractor to submit an RFI to make sure if that oven is supposed to be electric or gas. There's an inconsistency that has to be cleared up. 

    Contactor ----------->Architect<------------------Owner

    Elec. Sub                Elec. Eng.                      Kitchen Consultant

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