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    Kyle Keene

    Architect's Handbook ob Professional Practice (15th Edition) 

    Chapter 9 Design Project Delivery 

    Chapter 10 Design Project Management

    These were really good to get a sense for how projects run and how the different phases are coordinated and overlap. It took me a while to grasp a lot of this stuff but it's really useful for PJM, PCM, and even some in PA. The Hanahan lectures are great too. 

    Both AHPP and Hanahan lectures give us an understanding for why all of this stuff is important. Hanahan keeps it interesting and sometime goes off book and gives you tips for architects. AHPP is similar but it is much more codified. It's a pricey investment but helped me understand the logic of how a lot of questions are written. The chapters on Construction Management  in AHPP are especially helpful to understand this delivery system. 

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