Taking PPD first time + PDD third try



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    Arthur Molinari

    I know exactly how you feel I transitioned to 5.0 back in 2017 and it took me over a year to pass PDD and I was taking it concurrently with PPD which I have failed four times and I am about to take it for the fifth time in two weeks. Even though after a couple of the fails I was devastated I bounced back really quickly because of the support from my family especially my wife and the fact that I have learned so much from studying. I literally study nearly every day whether it’s for 20 minutes or two hours and I seem to learn or catch something new every time (almost) so even if it does take me 3-4 years to pass the ARE it will make me (become) a better architect in the end. I wish you only success!

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    Ruth Brooks

    Thank you Arthur, same to you! A good support system is definitely needed on this journey. Hope you get that pass on PPD!!

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