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    Lawrence Griffin (Edited )

    My understanding of this subject is growing but so far this is where I am at:

    The flow protocol really depends on the contract, project delivery method, and the information needed by the professionals in the flow chart. 

    For example, if there was a questions about the HVAC from an MEP subcontractor, (or any subcontractor) what would the flow chart look like?

    One of the keys to consider is that the information would always pass through the GC and architect. (In a typical Design Bid Build (DBB) process). The GC and then architect will decide if others need to be involved in flow chart.

    The flow chart could be something like the following:

    HVAC Subcontractor - GC - Architect - MEP Engineer and back up

    This flow chart is critical to controlling potential issues by passing information through the DBB flow chart. The GC will be able to watch over the means and method and the Architect can protect the design intent as well as coordinating any changes that may result out of the RFI.

    If anyone has any examples of how this is different with other project delivery types please comment below!

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