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    Stephen Starks



    That was pretty much my experience with this test as well. Two tries, two fails. It is very discouraging.

    My second attempt involved purchasing almost all of the recommended resources and also taking meticulous notes and cross referencing between those resources (this was in addition to my Ballast reading / tests). Also heavy use of online research and the NCARB handbook / forums.

    When I began my second test I also felt much more prepared, case studies are always a bit tricky (especially with navigation to resources) but I got through it.

    Seeing a "likely failed" result nearly broke me.

    You are correct in the observation that "these little that’s telling me anything". NCARB claims that these dots count as feedback, and while this is technically correct it is also practically less than useful.

    Also, PA's content is broad, and the test spec. descriptions are equally broad. It seems that whoever wrote the testing specifications forgot basic English 101 principles about not overgeneralizing, and also about topic limits. I do not think this is malicious you understand, just a bug.

    In short, I am sorry your experience was not a success. I do not have any answers for you, but I would encourage you to not give up. The tests are not a true measure of your ability in this field, but rather a test to see if you can pass a test (note the difference).

    If the saying "misery loves company" holds true, then I hope you are feeling a bit better now.

    Good luck.

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    Seyed Mehrdad Mohammadi

    I am in the same same boat as you guys are. I failed the exam two time! So I decided to give my self a break and took PPD last weekend, which I passed. So far I have passe PcM and PjM and I found the PA exam the most difficult to manage time.

    I am taking the PA exam in four weeks and am looking for the right books to study. Any advice?


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